Quarterback Joe Theismann says that on a scale of one to 10, his chances of playing with the Washington Redskins this fall are only a three.

"I want to finish my career with an organization that says, 'We want you on our team because we think you're someone special and that you can help us,' " Theismann told the Norfolk Sports Club Monday. "I don't get that from the Redskins."

Most likely, that's because the Redskins want to trade him. General Manager Bobby Beathard has talked to at least four National Football League teams about trading Theismann, who broke his right leg last November. At least one of the teams, the Los Angeles Rams, wants to give Theismann a tryout when he is healthy.

"It doesn't take a college genius to see the writing on the wall," Theismann said. "If they're under the impression that I don't think something is going on, they must think I'm an idiot. If I had a choice, my preference would be to finish my career with the Redskins, but I'm not dumb enough to think that's going to happen. Then again, you never know."

A week ago, the Redskins released running back John Riggins against his wishes. Theismann's future with the Redskins also seems in jeopardy. Coach Joe Gibbs said at the end of the 1985 season that Jay Schroeder, Theismann's replacement, deserved a chance at the No. 1 job. To avoid a potentially divisive training-camp battle this summer, the Redskins hope to trade Theismann before July.

"All of us feel like we have one more game or one more year," Theismann said. "Sometimes, you have to beat us over the head to get us out. What do you do when the band stops playing, when the cheers stop and it's time to say goodbye?"

He continued: "John last week, me this week, what's going to happen to veteran kicker Mark Moseley?

"There's a changeover with the Redskins. We can all see it."

A decision by the Redskins to discontinue offering signing bonuses to their veterans has driven the agent for tight end Clint Didier to explore trade possibilities with a handful of NFL teams, the agent said.

Steve Zeigen said he has called the Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers, Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots, plus "a couple others," and all are interested in Didier, the Redskins' leading receiver at tight end with 41 catches and four touchdowns in 1985.

Zeigen said he received Beathard's permission to call other teams. Beathard was on the road and could not be reached for comment yesterday.

Didier is one of eight free agents who received qualifying offers from the team in January. The others are running back George Rogers, defensive end Dexter Manley, linebacker Monte Coleman, safety Ken Coffey, punter Steve Cox, offensive tackle Dan McQuaid and Riggins.