Stanford Coach Tom Davis' flirtation with Houston most likely will end with Davis staying at Stanford. The reason? Houston is being looked at very closely by the NCAA, and whoever becomes the new coach probably will find himself dealing with an NCAA investigation.

That is part of the reason Navy Coach Paul Evans passed on the job and ended up moving to Pittsburgh.

If you wondered why Evans would leave hearth, home and David Robinson for the Big East and an upside-down program such as Pitt's, consider this: This season, Evans received $10,000 from Converse for outfitting his team in its shoes. Right now, Adidas and Reebok are deadlocked at $75,000 in bidding for Evans' services next season. Why? The Big East's remarkable television exposure.

Two perennial members of what coaches call the "All-Lobby Team" -- those coaches who spend the most time in the hotel lobby during the Final Four -- have been noticeably absent this year. They are Gary Williams and George Raveling.

Williams, having just moved from Boston College to Ohio State and Raveling from Iowa to Southern California, both have assistant coaching vacancies to fill. Omnipresent in the lobby are coaches looking to fill those vacancies.

How wild is the coaching scene these days? Consider some of the names being linked with the job at UNC-Wilmington: Bill Foster, recently of South Carolina; Lee Rose of South Florida; Joe Williams of Florida State. All three men have been to the Final Four. If UNC-Wilmington opts to go with youth, Duke assistant coach Bob Bender -- who played for Foster at Duke -- also has a shot at the job.

The leading candidate, at least today, for the vacant Minnesota job is Wyoming Coach Jim Brandenburg. Cornell's Tom Miller is being considered by Northwestern, as is Foster.

If you wondered why North Carolina assistant coach Eddie Fogler left the nest after 13 years to become head coach at Wichita State, how about this for an answer: a four-year contract worth a total of $1 million.