The Olympic selection committee met today to continue the discussion that will lead to the selection of players and coaches for the 1988 U.S. team.

Georgetown Coach John Thompson is said to be a leading candidate to be the head coach, ahead of Kansas' Larry Brown, who has fewer years of college coaching experience. But Thompson also was the leading candidate four years ago when the committee met.

The head coach will not be officially selected until May 16. And sources here have indicated that Brown, Denny Crum of Louisville, Rollie Massimino of Villanova and Eddie Sutton of Kentucky are among as many as nine candidates.

Thompson reportedly has been the leading candidate for some time, but sources have said the selection is far too political for anyone to be "a lock" at this stage. But some close to the situation feel that something out of the ordinary would have to happen for Thompson not to be named.

Talk around the coaches convention has former Washington Bullet Clem Haskins, now the coach at Western Kentucky, being offered the position at Minnesota. Also, Stanford's Tom Davis, who has turned down Houston, is expected to move to Iowa to replace George Raveling, now at Southern California.