Washington Bullets owner Abe Pollin said last night that he had instructed General Manager Bob Ferry to look into the possibility of making a trade that would allow the team to enter the NBA's lottery -- specifically as a means of perhaps acquiring Maryland forward Len Bias.

"We're going to do everything to find some way to get us out of the middle," said Pollin, speaking at Capital Centre before the Bullets' game against the Indiana Pacers. The owner was referring not only to the team's position in the league's draft but also its overall status in the league.

The lottery, which determines the order for the first seven teams in the NBA's June draft of college players, will be held on May 11 in New York.

"I'd love to have Lenny Bias. Obviously he's going to go very high in the draft . . . the lottery," Pollin said. "Lenny Bias would be fantastic to have here; he's a great talent.

"I would very much consider a trade to give us a chance to get Lenny Bias, very much so, and Mr. Ferry knows that. I think he's a great player. I've never met him personally. . . . Obviously being from the area, I think he'd be a tremendous asset for our franchise.

"We're going to review everything, do everything we can to get better," he said. "I guess the only guy who's not tradeable is me."

The Bullets' most marketable players are Jeff Malone, Jeff Ruland, Cliff Robinson and Manute Bol.

Bias attended Northwestern High in Hyattsville and made all-America at Maryland. He is expected to be among the first five picks of the draft.

Teams in the lottery, if it were to be held today, are Cleveland, Indiana, New York, Phoenix, Golden State, Philadelphia (with the Los Angeles Clippers' first-round pick) and Boston (with Seattle's pick).