Golfer Mac O'Grady, seeking public support in his bitter feud with PGA Tour Commissioner Deane Beman, said today that his lawyer will release "our full file of correspondence" next week.

O'Grady faces disciplinary action for publicly criticizing Beman. O'Grady said he expected Beman to rule on his case Monday or Tuesday in Hilton Head, S.C., and emphasized that "My attorney will be there." O'Grady called on Beman to be there, too, to conduct a "public discussion" of the controversy.

Beman said he still was considering the disciplinary case and didn't know when he would make up his mind. He said he expected to be at Hilton Head next week "only for a few hours on another matter."

O'Grady could be fined $12,000 and be suspended 12 weeks.

The problem started two years ago when Beman fined O'Grady $500 for something O'Grady said to a female volunteer at a tournament in New Orleans. O'Grady wouldn't pay, so Beman withheld $2,000 from O'Grady's earnings from another tournament.

O'Grady, after finishing second-round play today in the Masters with a 36-hole total of 152, said he will go to a Tour appeals board, if Beman tries to fine or suspend him, and ultimately is prepared to go to court.