Washington Redskins defensive end Dexter Manley said he passed out in a Georgetown department store Saturday afternoon because of an allergic reaction to seafood he had eaten earlier in the day, according to a Redskins spokesman.

Manley was examined and released after being taken by ambulance to the emergency room of Georgetown University Hospital after passing out at the Garfinckel's store on M Street in Georgetown.

The hospital will not release any further information and Manley was not available to comment. Redskins team physician Donald Knowlan said he will examine Manley today.

John C. Konoza, the Redskins' assistant public relations director, said yesterday Manley did not want to talk about the incident, except to say that he "suffered from food poisoning from some seafood he ate.

"He told me that he was allergic to iodine and apparently there was a high level of iodine in what he had eaten," Konoza said. "He was shopping when he just passed out. He was never admitted to the hospital and he was out today [Sunday] running errands, so he's okay. He said the same thing had happened to him a couple of times when he was in high school after he ate seafood."

Why had Manley eaten seafood if he knew he was allergic to it, Konoza was asked.

"He said he just loves seafood," Konoza said.