Louisiana State University Athletic Director Bob Brodhead pleaded guilty yesterday in Baton Rouge, La., to conspiring to electronically eavesdrop on NCAA investigators and said basketball Coach Dale Brown was in on the plan.

Brodhead was sentenced to 200 hours of community service work and fined the maximum $1,000 by U.S. District Judge John Parker, who scolded Brodhead for betraying his position on trust. "Obeying the law -- or to put it another way, playing by the rules of the game -- is the minimum to be expected of a person in your position," Parker said.

The charge of conspiring to intercept radio communications ended months of bargaining with federal prosecutors.

For the first time since FBI agents seized microphones from his desk last Oct. 27, Brodhead admitted he intended to llisten to NCAA invesitgators' interviews of LSU players. "I was aware that this procedure was questionable, but decided that I would do it to protect our athletes and the university," Brodhead said after his court appearance.

He said he has "no intention of resigning." The LSU Athletic Council is scheduled to meet Monday to recommend whether any action should be taken against him.

Brodhead said he discussed his plans in advance with Brown, who put Brodhead in touch with private investigator Richard Barrios. Barrios got Brodhead in contact with George Davis, who Brodhead said agreed to install the equipment for around $400. Davis informed the FBI.