Tension over the Libyan situation has caused withdrawal of the U.S. pro team from the Tour of Spain bicycling race. The squad left the island of Palma de Mallorca and headed home, Spanish television reported.

Cyclist Davis Phinney, already home in Boulder, Colo., after turning back in New York, said he had been told of the developments by team manager Jim Ochowicz.

"After lengthy discussions with all parties concerned including the State Department and our sponsors, the Southland Corp.," Phinney said, Ochowicz "just felt very strongly we were putting ourselves in a bad position, being possibly a very obvious target . . ."

The Central Connecticut State University football team canceled an 18-day instructional trip to London next month, also after consulting with the State Department. Said Coach Buddy Amendola:

"A football team is like apple pie and hot dogs. They terrorists would say 'Wow, what a target!' So why take the risk?" . . .

Soviet Olympic Committee President Marat Gramov led a delegation to Seoul for the Fifth General Assembly of the Association of National Olympic Committees, and South Korean officials said this buoyed hopes that the 1988 Olympics would be boycott-free.

A record 152 nations are represented at the assembly. But North Korea is not among them.