Reggie Jackson was sought by police after an autograph-seeker was sent to a hospital following a scuffle at a Milwaukee tavern about 1 1/2 hours after Jackson went hitless in the California Angels' loss to the Brewers.

Jackson, sitting with some teammates, was accused of grabbing a man and slamming his head on a table. Jackson later said he simply seized the man's shirt and asked him to leave.

Donald Weimer, 26, of Racine, Wis., was treated for forehead bruises and a chin cut that required stitches. Police said the matter would be reviewed Monday by the Milwaukee County district attorney's office.

Largent Parks, 29, of Santa Barbara, Calif., and other patrons said Weimer, refused an autograph, took what appeared to be a paper plate that Jackson had autographed for a bartender and tore it up. The tussle ensued. Weimer was removed by ambulance.

"Reggie grabbed him in a choke hold and almost lifted him off the floor," Parks said. "The guy's face had turned several colors of purple." Weimer's head was slammed on a table, and "the guy just went down in a heap . . . straight to the floor," Parks told reporters.

"The guy tears up a piece of paper I signed earlier, throws it on our food, which was french fries," Jackson said.