A Sports article in some editions yesterday contained an incorrect statement about University of Virginia basketball player Olden Polynice. Last Wednesday, Polynice was detained regarding suspected shoplifting and was issued a summons to appear in court later this month. He was not taken into custody.

The bizarre week of Virginia basketball star Olden Polynice ended yesterday when he announced he had made a mistake and would stay in school rather than turn pro, and school officials said he would be suspended indefinitely from the team.

"My life has been a turmoil lately," said Polynice, a 6-foot-11 second-team all-Atlantic Coast Conference center, in a statement issued last night by the university. "I have been having a lot of personal problems which have resulted in behavior which is unacceptable."

Polynice, arrested last week on misdemeanor shoplifting charges, said in a statement, "I have made preliminary arrangements for intensive counseling as a part of my recovery and rehabilitation."

Athletic Director Dick Schultz said Polynice would not be eligible to return from his suspension until the start of the second semester of the 1986-87 season. Classes for that semester start Jan. 14, 1987.

"In order to be reinstated he would have to agree to extensive counseling, be in good standing academically and be reviewed by a committee of faculty and administrators not connected with the department of athletics," a statement from Schultz said.

Thursday, Polynice said he would forfeit his final season and make himself available for the NBA draft. Polynice and Coach Terry Holland said in taped interviews played by Virginia that the player's off-court problems the last two years -- which included turning in another student's English term paper and breaking the nose of teammate John Dyslin in practice -- were a factor in his decision.

Neither Polynice, Schultz nor Holland was available last night to elaborate on the reason for the suspension, or the nature of counseling and rehabilitation for Polynice.