Baseball's Reggie Jackson has been asked to appear at the Milwaukee County district attorney's office today to answer questions concerning accusations that he choked an autograph seeker and slammed his head against a table.

Donald Weimer, 26, of Racine, Wis., required hospital treatment after his encounter with Jackson on Saturday evening at Major Goolsby's restaurant in downtown Milwaukee.

Jackson is not required to appear and will send an attorney in his place as he accompanies his team, the California Angels, to Boston.

Jackson was not arrested or charged. He would not comment on the incident when he arrived at County Stadium for yesterday's Angels-Brewers series finale. He did not play, although he was in the on-deck circle to pinch-hit when the game ended.

Witnesses told police Jackson refused to sign an autograph for Weimer, who then returned with one Jackson had signed for someone else. Weimer tore up the autograph and "threw it on a table where Reggie Jackson was seated, and said, 'Thanks a lot,' " Police Capt. Albert Hentz said.

"According to Mr. Weimer, Jackson got up and grabbed Mr. Weimer in a headlock, at that point forcing Mr. Weimer's head down, striking a table," Hentz said.

Weimer was taken by ambulance to Mount Sinai Medical Center, treated for an abrasion on his forehead and a cut on his chin, and his neck was X-rayed before he was released.

Jackson retained a Milwaukee attorney, Gerald Boyle, and had him address reporters in the stadium press box.

Reiterating what Jackson had told newspaper inquirers by telephone Saturday night, Boyle said: "Mr. Jackson . . . grabbed the man by the shirt and told him to pick up the material that he dumped. He refused to do so. Then after some period of time while he had hold of him, the man suddenly fell, without any hitting by Mr. Jackson. As he went down, he hit his head on the table . . . hitting his chin.

"Mr. Jackson emphatically states he has nothing to do with causing injury to that person."