The Baltimore Orioles' Bird, who has been nursing bruises since he fell from the roof of the dugout in the ninth inning of Saturday's game against the Kansas City Royals, returned to the job at last night's game against the Chicago White Sox at Memorial Stadium.

On Saturday, after a Don Aase pitch was called a ball, the mascot, Dan Senft, said he "turned my head around in the opposite direction, and I acted like I couldn't see . . . . I was feeling with my hand like I had a cane and I went about five steps and my foot caught on the edge and slipped, and I went down."

His costume apparently absorbed most of the shock, and his injuries were diagnosed as minor . . .

Seven-time American League batting champion Rod Carew said he has given up hope of playing major league baseball again.

"I don't have any hopes of anyone signing me," Carew told the Associated Press from his Anaheim Hills, Calif., home. "I'd like to play. . . . I don't understand what's going on, but I don't sit around thinking about it, worrying about it. I'm just going on with my life."

Carew, 40, was the California Angels' leading hitter five of the past six seasons, including last year, when he batted .280. He said he wanted to play the 1986 season, then retire. But the Angels did not offer him a new contract.

Carew's high salary ($900,000 last season) might have scared off potential employers, but he has said he would play for less . . .

Don Newcombe, a former National League most valuable player and Cy Young Award winner and an admitted alcoholic, says he wasn't the only player on the 1955 world champion Brooklyn Dodgers who drank too much. " . . . I bet there were at least 10 of us who were abusers of alcohol on that championship team," he said over the weekend. Newcombe declined to disclose names.

The biggest difference between those days and today, said Newcombe, is that baseball management, players, the media and the fans are discussing the problems openly instead of trying to keep them quiet. But he said baseball Commissioner Peter Ueberroth is naive if he thinks drugs have been eradicated from the game.