Here's the $65,000 question: What are a pair of lifetime Washington Redskins season tickets worth?

Last Saturday night, at an auction to benefit the new Youth for Tomorrow boys home in Bristow, Va., a man representing Northern Virginia businessman Steve Johnson bid $65,000 for two lifetime season tickets to Redskins games.

"There were two people bidding, and it got kind of out of sight," said Clark Lawrence, executive director of Youth for Tomorrow. "It was quite a show. It's a demonstration of how crazy people are here over Redskins tickets."

Johnson, president of The Johnson Group, could not be reached for comment.

Other items were up for sale. How much would you pay for the football pants cut off quarterback Joe Theismann after he broke his right leg last November?

Someone bought those for $1,500. And a pair of running back John Riggins' football pants went for $2,400.

A round of golf at Augusta National in Georgia with Redskins Coach Joe Gibbs and Arkansas Coach Frank Broyles, plus airfare and hotel, fetched $18,000.

Lawrence said the auction grossed about $400,000 for the youth home, a project initiated by Gibbs. About 1,000 attended the event . . .

Chicago Bears Coach Mike Ditka wants defensive tackle-running back William (The Refrigerator) Perry to shed 30 pounds before summer training camp begins July 15.

"No problem," said Perry, adding he now weighs about 310. Trainer Fred Caito amended that to 330, and added that Perry got down "close to 300 at midseason last year." . . .

Quarterback Turner Gill, 23, who led Nebraska to 30 wins in 32 starts and was the Montreal Alouettes' regular most of the past two seasons, has been dropped by the club as physically unfit to continue his Canadian Football League career.

Gill suffered concussions three times last year, with two in successive games. Said Alouettes General Manager Joe Galat: "Our medical advisers did a series of tests on him and decided it was not advisable to let him continue to play. He never could get back to the way he played at the beginning of the season."