CBS television cut away from yesterday's Kemper Open just before the playoff between Greg Norman and Larry Mize in favor of Game 3 of the NBA championship series betwen the Boston Celtics and Houston Rockets.

The network broadcast the Kemper until about 3:40, but the network's national feed was then given over to the NBA game. Updates on the Kemper playoff were aired periodically on the network nationally as well as locally.

"The NBA has the air time from 3:30 to the end of the game," said David C. Graham, CBS field technical manager at the CBS trailer at the Kemper Open at Congressional. "We're feeding the golf tournament to the NBA and they're putting it out on their time in between commercials."

At WDVM-TV-9, the local CBS affiliate, sportscaster Ken Mease said the network "really did the only thing it could do. It's hard to show two sports events simultaneously. The golf is kind of slow moving, and CBS is showing updates when the golfers reach the greens, so the viewing audience is seeing the most important shots. You'd miss a lot more of the basketball game if they showed the golf."