Sugar Ray Leonard said yesterday if middleweight champion Marvelous Marvin Hagler does not fight him this year, he won't wait around to fight Hagler in 1987.

Hagler has set a news conference for June 24 in Las Vegas, at which time he is expected to name his next opponent, probably Tommy Hearns rather than Leonard.

"It looks like he's going to fight Tommy Hearns," Leonard said yesterday. "It doesn't make any sense.

"If he fights Hearns, we don't fight until next year. I don't need that. This 1986 is it."

Hagler will be in Las Vegas for the June 23 bout between Hearns and Mark Medal, which Hearns is viewing as a tune-up for a November meeting with Hagler.

On May 1, Leonard said he would come out of retirement for one bout, with Hagler. At that time, Hagler was planning a fight with Hearns but no contract had been signed. Hagler knocked out Hearns in the third round in April 1985.

"If he goes ahead and fights Hearns," said Leonard, "he missed a big opportunity. It doesn't make sense from a business standpoint. It doesn't make sense from a history standpoint. This is something he wanted as much as I did. I don't understand it. Except that he's getting bad advice."

Leonard said he was "quite surprised" not to have heard from Hagler since Leonard revealed his hope for a one-time-only match with the middleweight champion. "I am somewhat dismayed by his isolation and seclusion," Leonard said.

Leonard's adviser, Michael Trainer, said yesterday that if Hagler fights Hearns first, chances are Leonard will not be available next spring.

"We've had some things on the table -- non-boxing things -- that we've had on hold," said Trainer. "Ray may have other things next year. It's not a given that he would be available to fight next spring. My guess is he wouldn't."

Said Leonard: "I'm just waiting, and I'm not going to wait that much longer."