The teams picking in the first round of the NBA draft and their needs:

1. Philadelphia (from L.A. Clippers): The 76ers will look for a center, both for height and as a future replacement for Moses Malone. Possible choices: Brad Daugherty, Chris Washburn, Len Bias.

2. Boston (from Seattle): The NBA champions have no present weaknesses, but they are most vulnerable at center, where Robert Parish and Bill Walton are over 30. Bias may be too good to pass up, though. Possible choices: William Bedford, Bias, Washburn.

3. Golden State: The Warriors need help everywhere but center, but Joe Barry Carroll still hasn't set the world on fire and may bring more talent if traded. Possible choices: Bias, Washburn.

4. Indiana: Pacers need help everywhere but power forward. Most glaring weakness is at point guard, but none of the collegians merit selection with the fourth pick. Pacers may trade the selection. Possible choices: Chuck Person, Pearl Washington, Johnny Dawkins.

5. New York: Teams have backed away from Washburn because of questionable attitude. That doesn't deter Hubie Brown, who considers himself a master motivator. Possible choices: Washburn, John Williams.

6. Phoenix: If Knicks don't take Washburn, it's doubtful that Phoenix, one of the most bland NBA franchises, will. Possible choices: Ron Harper, Brad Sellers.

7. Dallas (from Cleveland): If Washburn is still available, Mavericks will grab him. If not, the most forward-laden team in the NBA may yet select another front-court man. Possible choices: Roy Tarpley, Dell Curry.

8. Cleveland (supplemental pick bought from NBA): The Cavaliers are looking to replace World B. Free at off guard but could also use an athletic small forward. If Harper is still there, he could be their man. Possible choices: Harper, Curry.

9. Chicago: The Bulls need a center but also are intrigued by the idea of a Michael Jordan-Johnny Dawkins back court. Possible choices: Dawkins, Sellers.

10. San Antonio: The Spurs need assistance at a number of positions. Artis Gilmore, 36, needs rebounding help. Possible choices: Walter Berry, Kenny Walker, Tarpley.

11. Detroit (from Sacramento): The Pistons continue their never-ending quest for a power forward. Possible choices: Walker, Berry, Sellers.

12. Washington: How much confidence does the team have in Gus Williams and/or Frank Johnson? Will Jeff Ruland be 100 percent healthy? Possible choices: Washington, Williams, Sellers.

13. New Jersey: The Bullets could ruin the Nets' day by selecting Washington, whom New Jersey covets. The Nets are looking for help at guard or small forward. Possible choices: Washington, Maurice Martin, Billy Thompson.

14. Portland: The Trail Blazers need help at center and at power forward. Strictly biggest, best athlete available here. Possible choices: John Salley, Sellers.

15. Utah: The Jazz would like help at center but are concerned about the health of injured guard Darrell Griffith and the running feud between Coach Frank Layden and small forward Adrian Dantley. Possible choices: Sellers, Martin.

16. Denver (from Dallas): The Nuggets are looking for even more scoring with this pick. They like Curry at big guard but he probably won't last this long. Possible choices: Martin, Dennis Rodman.

17. Sacramento (from Detroit): The Kings have a number of quality athletes and would merely like to add to their stock. Possible choices: Anthony Jones, Mark Alarie.

18. Denver: The Nuggets will try to shore up another weakness: rebounding. Possible choices: Alarie, Buck Johnson.

19. Atlanta: Perhaps the most athletic team in the NBA, the Hawks could use help at guard but may decide to take the best athlete available. Possible choices: Cedric Henderson, Thompson.

20. Houston: The Western Conference champions need a point guard but may surprise by picking another skyscraper. Possible choices: Scott Skiles, Greg Dreiling.

21. Philadelphia: With their second pick, the 76ers look to increase their rebounding. Possible choices: Alarie, Harold Pressley.

22. Milwaukee: The Eastern Conference semifinals exposed the Bucks as a "doughnut" team -- very good but with a big hole in the middle. Possible choices: Dreiling, Johnson.

23. Los Angeles: The Lakers have suddenly gone from champions to questionable. Michael Cooper is a free agent. Should he go, the team will need another multitalented athlete. Possible choices: Jones, Thompson, Johnson.

24. Portland (from Boston via L.A. Clippers): Concluding the opening round, the Trail Blazers search for more height. Possible choices: Larry Krystkowiak, Johnson.