Getting Jeff Ruland and Cliff Robinson from the Washington Bullets made draft day a good one for the Philadelphia 76ers. They believe that getting forward Roy Hinson made it a great one.

"We're very excited about him and he could really take off," said the 76ers' vice president and general manager, Pat Williams, about the trade that brought Hinson, 6 feet 9, 210 pounds, from the Cleveland Cavaliers to Philadelphia for the 76ers' top pick in the draft.

With that No. 1 overall pick, the Cavaliers took North Carolina center Brad Daugherty, whom the 76ers were ready to take until Sunday night.

That's when a Cleveland scout, Ed Gregory, approached the 76ers' director of player personnel and assistant coach, Jack McMahon, about the possible trade. McMahon offered the idea to 76ers Coach Matt Guokas and Williams. By Monday evening, everything was set.

"We had been Daugherty all the way and had never wavered on that," Guokas said. "But in thinking and talking of a Roy Hinson, we thought there was no other player in the draft that could help us now and in the future like a Hinson."

Hinson, 25, of Somerset, N.J., was a first-round pick of the Cavaliers out of Rutgers University in 1983. He averaged only 5.5 points per game as a rookie, but he improved to 19.6 last season by powering to the basket more often and developing a decent medium-range jump shot. He also averaged 7.7 rebounds last season.

Williams is thrilled about the potential forward combination of Hinson, Robinson and Charles Barkley.

"I think it gives us the second-best forward rotation in the league," Williams said, citing the NBA champion Boston Celtics as having the best forward corps with Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and first-round draft choice Len Bias.