Bo Jackson might have turned down $7.6 million for playing football, but he isn't guaranteed even $5 million for playing baseball, United Press International reported. UPI said the Kansas City Royals contracted to pay him $460,000.

UPI, which identified its source only as someone who works for the Royals, said Jackson, a fourth-round pick, got $100,000 for signing, will earn $100,000 his first two seasons and $160,487 his third.

Royals General Manager John Schuerholz would only confirm that Jackson had signed a major league contract, which ensures that he'll get his money regardless of where he plays. Most new players, even first-round picks, sign minor league contracts.

The last two years are not guaranteed, UPI's informant said . . .

Craig Shipley, the Dodgers' infielder just up from Albuquerque, said people thought him odd because he played baseball as a boy. "I was the only kid in school to play," he remembers, which did make playing difficult. His problem was that he grew up in Australia.

He went one for four and fielded perfectly at short Sunday in his first major league game but, it turns out, he was not the first Australian to play in the majors after all. Joe Quinn was, and he was the first and only Australian manager, too. Quinn, born in Sydney Christmas Day 1864, played in the National League starting in 1885 and even played with Washington's old American League team. His managerial record with the 1899 Cleveland NL team probably will remain unsurpassed: 12-104.