The National Hockey League's Board of Governors pondered violence and mandatory visors yesterday, then ended its annual meetings in Montreal by putting things off until September.

After meeting all morning in Montreal, the governors said they need more information before deciding if anything should be done about fighting, high-sticking and slashing.

NHL Commissioner John Ziegler said the governors will meet Sept. 9-10 in Vancouver and that the general managers will delve into the problem at their meeting in July.

He said the governors thought about other things, too, without acting: renaming their conferences and divisions (he wouldn't reveal what names were suggested); lengthening the first round of each playoff series from five games to seven; and what to do about the lack of talent at the major-junior level.

The governors did stagger playoff dates for next year so that more than one conference final won't be played on any one night, and so each finalist would get two days off before the final . . .

Lloyd's of London wants a federal judge in Philadelphia to void the Flyers' $1.6 million insurance policy on Pelle Lindbergh, the goalie who was killed in a car wreck last November. Lloyd's said Lindbergh violated the policy because he was killed by his "own criminal or felonious act," meaning that tests showed that Lindbergh was drunk when he died.