Marc Eugniconti, the Citadel linebacker paralyzed from the neck down last season, has filed suit alleging that school officials failed to warn him that a spinal condition made it dangerous for him to play football.

The suit, filed in Charleston (S.C.) County Court on Friday, asks for actual and punitive damages in an amount to be determined by a jury.

Buoniconti, 19, the son of former Miami Dolphins great Nick Buoniconti, was the Bulldogs' starting inside linebacker when he suffered a crushed spinal cord during a tackle in a game against East Tennessee State last Oct. 26.

The suit alleges that when Buoniconti enrolled at the military college in the fall of 1984, he was given a spinal X-ray.

"This X-ray revealed old healed fractures of the cervical spine which made it extremely dangerous for the plantiff to play football because of the likelihood that another spinal injury would occur in a football game," the suit stated. "The X-ray also revealed a congenital narrowness of the spinal column which made it likely that any injury to the spine would cause extreme damage." . . .

All-Louisiana linebacker Kirk Russell, who signed this spring to play at the University of Houston, was in serious condition after being stabbed five times with an ice pick, his high school coach said. "The doctors said it's a miracle he's still alive. If he had not been an athlete in good physical shape, he'd probably be dead," said J.T. Curtis of John Curtis High.

Police reports said five men attacked Russell Saturday night in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Russell's companion, Frank Whittaker, 19, received a bruised right arm and a black eye, reports said.