The Boston Red Sox today completed a trade that had been discussed for eight months, acquiring 306-game winner Tom Seaver, 41, from the Chicagog to keep s , maybe help us get a nice little cruising lead."

Designated hitter Don Baylor said: "He's going to help everybody, especially our young pitchers. To be able to play with and learn from a guy who's a perfectionist and a winner is a tremendous advantage."

"At this point in my career, this is extremely important from a personal standpoint," said Seaver. "The closer I get to home, the better off I am. I am also extremely happy to be able to play for a person of the caliber of Manager John McNamara. This is a man I love dearly."

The Red Sox and White Sox had begun discussing this trade in November, when Seaver said he wanted to be closer to his home in Greenwich, Conn., and might retire if White Sox General Manager Ken Harrelson didn't oblige him.

Harrelson said he had talked whe Red Sox on and off since then and had been close to finishing a deal with each team at various times.

He said the difference was being able to get Lyons, 26. "I've liked him since he came into pro ball," Harrelson said. "We were able to do it because we were dealing with a team in a race for a division championship."

When the Red Sox discussed trading for Seaver last winter, they considered it a move of necessity. After all, what did they have? s and awfuks good to the Red Sox, but not because they have any particular need for pitching.

Not only have Clemens (14-0) and Boyd (10-5) been arguably the American League's best pitchers, but the staff as a whole has been tremendous, leading the AL in earned run average (3.43), fewest hits allowed (601), fewest runs allowed (276) ande .500 and threatening to turnyed, to Boston today, would start Tuesday's game at Fenway Park against the Toronto Blue Jays. McNamara would make no further commitment, bu to join Boyd, Clemens, Al Nipper and Bruce Hurst in the starting rotation.

At the moment, the Red Sox have rookies Jeff Sellers and Rob Woodward in a rotation with Boyd, Clemens and Nipper. Hurst is on the disabled list with a pulled groin muscleand not expected back until after the all-star break. "He's been there before," McNamara said of Seaver. "He knows what we're trying to do, and the Yankees didn't get him."

Seaver went 16-11 with a 3.17 ERA for the White Sox last season. This year, he was 2-6 with a 4.38 ERA with the team, now 32-42.

"Nobody knows how it's going to turn out," Orioles Manager Earl Weaver said. "This guy is capable of winning games. We know that. We saw him last September, and he looked like he was 22 years old. He was throwing 85-86 mph the whole game, then closed with 89-90 mph in the ninth."

Bidding Seaver goodbye, Harrelson said, "Tom was an asset when he was in a White Sox uniform . . . We're good friends, yet the baseball situation was a little bit strained."

The Red Sox replaced Lyons by recalling outfielder Kevin Romine from Pawtucket of the Class AAA International League. That gives the Red Sox 25 players, but they are expected to send a player to the minors when Seaver arrives.

Romine, 25, batted .310 in 58 games at Pawtucket. He hit .214 in 24 games with the Red Sox in 1985.