Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has filed a $55 million lawsuit against his former business manager, accusing him of financial mismanagement that left the Los Angeles Lakers' star center unable to meet his debts.

Abdul-Jabbar claims he incurred thousands of dollars in penalties because Thomas M. Collins failed to file the income taxes of Abdul-Jabbar on time. Abdul-Jabbar also claims some of his money was transferred into an account owned by Collins. The Superior Court suit filed in Los Angeles also alleges the money was squandered in investments ranging from cattle feed to Arabian stallions to limousines . . .

A fisherman caught cheating at a bass tournament has been sentenced to two years of hard labor. Alva Anding of Baton Rouge, La., was arrested following the weigh-in for a Louisiana Bass Casters Association tournament held on a Concordia-area lake in May 1985.

He was charged with theft and attempted theft by fraud, accused of catching some big bass before the tournament, hiding them on the lake in a wire basket, then presenting them at the official scales for weigh-in. He was arrested after accepting the winner's prize of a boat and trailer valued at $4,500, along with $100 cash in the big bass division.