Coach Joe Gibbs said the Washington Redskins are "probably the only National Football League team that has never" tested its players for drug use before this season, but he said he did not expect any of the Redskins to test positive.

Gibbs, who told his players they would have to take a drug test this week, would not say whether the test will be given Tuesday or Thursday at training camp.

If a player refuses to take a drug test, NFL rules stipulate that he will be fined, Gibbs said. But Gibbs said he did not expect that would be a problem with his team.

"We owe the public, we owe young people to be a role model, and I think our guys are. Ninety-five percent of the players in the NFL are, and so we have to protect ourselves from the other five percent. . . . On our team, I think it's 100 percent."

The saga of the contract disputes continued today. The Redskins say they have made their final offer to veteran defensive end Dexter Manley, but Richard Bennett, Manley's Washington-based agent, says it's not enough money. Both sides say there could be a long holdout.

Meanwhile, second-round draft choice Walter Murray's phone has been disconnected, and he apparently is moving from the Virginia suburbs back to California.

Murray's agent, Frank Yip, has not returned phone calls to his office.

Kickers Mark Moseley and Steve Cox were in camp today, but their first preseason field goals were not charted. The other three kickers continued their battle: Jess Atkinson made seven of eight (three of three 47-yarders); Steve Willis made five of eight (three of three 47-yarders), and Jim Asmus made four of eight (one of three 47-yarders).

Ten free agents were released by the Redskins today, including wide receiver Duane Gunn, who was arrested nine days ago for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest in an Indianapolis nightclub incident.

Also waived were tackle Mark Bartlett, guard Ken Bentley, running back Eric Cobble, wide receiver/defensive back Nate Cole, cornerback Kevin Pointer, safety Allanda Smith and defensive tackles Dale Pearson, Kip Smith and Darnell Wall.

There are 102 names on the roster. By Sept. 1, there can be only 45.