Although he is one of the major reasons for the New York Mets' runaway success this season, pitcher Ron Darling says he wouldn't know it by listening to his manager.

In fact, according to the August issue of GQ magazine, Darling doesn't hear anything from Davey Johnson.

"Davey Johnson hasn't spoken to me three times all season," Darling, who has an 11-3 record this season, told GQ. "He doesn't believe in communicating with his players. Some players, maybe -- Ray Knight and Keith Hernandez -- but not pitchers. Pitchers are not players, you understand, and Davey Johnson was a player."

GQ contends Johnson criticized Darling with phrases like, "He thinks too much," or "He's too smart for his own good."

"I've heard that Davey was threatened by me intellectually," said Darling, who attended Yale. "That's absurd. Why should he be? I'm not a clubhouse lawyer. I'm not going to start a coup to overtake his position. He's very smart."

Of himself, Darling said, "I'm driven to the point of ridiculousness. I want to win every game. Any game. I can't stand losing, not even to Toni his wife in a card game. I hate it. But I don't mope. I work harder next time."