The Indianapolis Colts won't pay Randy McMillan while the fullback battles to rehabilitate his broken leg and he isn't welcome at the NFL club's training complex, owner Robert Irsay says.

"What we're saying {to McMillan} is, 'Why don't you go after the guy that hit you?' " Irsay told the Indianapolis News. "That's where his case is, not with me. We pay him what we're supposed to when he works. If he doesn't work, he has to go out and get another job."

McMillan's contract calls for him to receive $320,000 salary for 1987. But the NFL's collective bargaining agreement states that the Colts aren't obligated to pay McMillan because he suffered a non-football injury in an April traffic accident.

Irsay said he will talk to the running back "if he gets well," and added, "But I don't even want him at our complex."

McMillan is recuperating at home from a broken leg suffered when he was hit by a car April 26 in Timonium, Md. The six-year veteran had a rod surgically inserted in his lower left leg and has been ruled out for the 1987 season by Colts officials.

McMillan's agent, Reggie Turner, said the fullback could be running by late summer and might be able to return for at least part of the season.

Because of a liability problem, the Colts are unwilling to have McMillan undergo rehabilitation at the Colts complex in Indianapolis.

McMillan has led the Colts in rushing the last three seasons. Coach Ron Meyer had planned to feature McMillan in the Colts' one-back offense in 1987.

But McMillan is no longer interested in rejoining the Colts. "Why don't they just let me out of my contract? He can trade me or whatever they want to do," said McMillan, adding he was more upset about Irsay's comment that he did not want him around the training complex. "I don't really understand what is going on. This is like a nightmare."

Turner said he would file a breach-of-contract grievance to get McMillan out of his contract. "You've seen Randy McMillan for the last time in a Colt jersey," Turner said. "What {Irsay's} saying is that Randy is history."