BLACKSBURG, VA., JUNE 4 -- Dale T. (Dutch) Baughman, 38, angered by Virginia Tech's handling of its investigation into its basketball program, quit as athletic director today after six months on the job.

"I oppose the manner in which some of these events have been handled and continue to be handled," he said. "What has developed is a situation that I personally and professionally cannot tolerate."

School President William E. Lavery said he will name an interim replacement soon but that the university might question the validity of the resignation because Baughman didn't give 90 days notice.

Baughman contended Lavery told him May 25 he could be relieved from his four-year contract.

Baughman, an associate commissioner of the Southwest Conference before coming to Virginia Tech, was angered that he was not told of the investigation into the basketball program until a week after it had begun last March. He refused to take part in it.

The school hasn't disclosed specifics of the investigation, which reportedly centers on favors granted athletes.

Baughman said he was stung last week when Lavery announced that a faculty member, W. George Devens, will oversee the school's compliance with NCAA regulations. Lavery said Devens was given the responsibility because Baughman has refused to take part in the investigation.

His predecessor at Virginia Tech, Bill Dooley, sued the university before reaching a $1 million settlement on the last seven years of his contract as football coach and athletic director.