The Seattle Seahawks, beating 37-to-1 odds, won the NFL's supplemental draft lottery yesterday and selected Brian Bosworth, Oklahoma's two-time all-America linebacker. But Bosworth, who has said he would not return to Oklahoma for a final year of eligibility, still considered himself a man without a team.

Bosworth said immediately after the draft that he would not sign with Seattle, one of 23 teams he previously had asked not to select him.

"Seattle doesn't fit into the mold I want to put myself in," Bosworth said at a news conference in New York. "We will not deviate from our plans. We won't even negotiate. Maybe something can be worked out with one of the teams we preferred. I feel this is only the first quarter of the game."

Agent Gary Wichard added, "We're not bluffing. We'll sit out the year if he doesn't get one of the teams he wants."

If Bosworth decides to sit out, his name would go back into the annual college draft in 1988. A team that wants to trade for Bosworth would probably have to give up a first-round draft choice, at least.

But Seattle officials said yesterday they intend to try to sign Bosworth, who won the Butkus Award as the nation's best college linebacker the last two seasons.

"I think they will hold a firm posture for a while," Seahawks General Manager Mike McCormack said from Seattle. "But Brian has not been to the Pacific Northwest and seen the opportunities available here. And he hasn't talked to {Coach} Chuck Knox. We've had telegrams from people before who said they didn't want to be drafted by us, but those kind of situations can change."

Knox sounded a little more irritated. "If he doesn't play this year, he loses one year of earning power," Knox said. "And he has no assurance he won't be picked {in the 1988 college draft} by one of the teams he doesn't want to play for next year, so I think we're in a very, very good position."

Bosworth was eligible for a special draft because he passed up the annual college draft April 29 and completed his undergraduate education in May. After Oklahoma Coach Barry Switzer made it clear Bosworth would not return for his fifth season (the linebacker redshirted one season), Bosworth said he would enter the supplemental draft but only sign with one of five teams.

On Thursday, Bosworth reportedly eliminated the Rams (who don't have a first-round pick in 1988) and the linebacker-rich Giants, and added the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He said that playing on natural grass is important.

In the weighted lottery designed to give the worst teams the best chance of winning, the Houston Oilers (30 entries) and Buccaneers (28) had the best opportunity to draft Bosworth. The Super Bowl champion Giants had one entry.

In all, there were 406 chances for the 28 NFL teams.

Bosworth said he is prepared to miss the 1987 season and return to school for a graduate degree in computer science. He said he has a possible deal pending on a book, and isn't so desperate for money that he couldn't sit out a year.