SEATTLE, JUNE 20 -- The Seattle SuperSonics, surprise Western Conference finalist this season, will seek to improve their rebounding in Monday's National Basketball Association draft.

But they're not sure if the right rebounder will be available for the first of their two first-round selections. Seattle has the fifth and ninth picks.

"We want to fill a need up there at five, and the need is a defensive rebounder," said SuperSonics President Bob Whitsitt. "When we get down to nine, I think we can go a lot of different ways. At nine, we need to take the best guy no matter what position it is. Whether it's another big guy or a little guy, I don't know."

The San Antonio Spurs, who will select first, announced they will go for Navy's 7-foot all-America center, David Robinson. The Spurs will be followed by Phoenix, New Jersey and the Los Angeles Clippers.

The top power forwards are expected to be 6-9 Armon Gilliam of Nevada-Las Vegas, 6-9 Derrick McKey of Alabama and 6-10 Horace Grant of Clemson.

"All we can do at five is try not to get too excited," Whitsitt said. "We feel real good at our position, but we don't know what's going to happen above us."

Whitsitt said the SuperSonics aren't looking to trade but are interested in bettering their bench.

If the SuperSonics can't get the right power forward, they might opt for 6-7 Reggie Williams of Georgetown, if he is available. The all-America is projected as a small forward or big guard in the NBA.

Whitsitt says Williams has some of the qualities of Michael Cooper, who played a key role on the Los Angeles Lakers' championship team.