A golf group made up of top NBA draft choice David Robinson, comedian Bob Hope, former House speaker Tip O'Neill, Bob Schmidt and Jack McAllister drew the most attention yesterday at the annual Lombardi Tournament of Champions at Indian Spring.

Robinson, the Naval Academy all-America, was playing with the knowledge that earlier in the day he had been drafted No. 1 by the San Antonio Spurs.

Shooting basketballs left-handed, there are few better than Robinson. Hitting golf balls right-handed, he was admittedly a little shaky, but enjoying himself.

"I'm just trying not to get embarrassed out here," said Robinson, who topped a few shots, and hit a few good ones. "I always get that little tail {slice} at the end," he said.

The octogenarian Hope, who flew in from Long Island, played six holes and then hopped a plane to Burbank, Calif.

"If he {Robinson} ever starts hitting it right, they'll have to invent longer golf courses," Hope said.

Hope said he has two heroes, the late Vince Lombardi and O'Neill. Hope said he was glad to play with O'Neill, because "he plays in the Desert Classic {Hope's PGA Tour tournament} every year."

Schmidt, chairman of the Lombardi Foundation, said, "We'll raise half a million dollars this year" for cancer research. The revenue comes from sponsors, the 550 golfers and 200 tennis players who took part yesterday, plus 2,000 runners who ran in the Lombardi 10K race Sunday.

Schmidt said that 17 years ago, when the charity tournament first was held, $5,000 was raised. He said more than $2.5 million has been taken in since. "The most important thing is the community supports this event," he said.

Eddie Bunch, Walter Coady, Paul Farnsworth and Steve Thomas shot net 55 in a scrambles format to win first place in the golf.

Most of the afternoon groups did not finish because of a heavy rain, but only complete rounds counted.

Ned Scherer and Jim Bayless defeated Chris Coursen and Fred McNair, 5-4, to win the pro-am tennis tournament.