Right-hander Eric Show says some of his San Diego Padres teammates are criticizing him behind his back, and right fielder Tony Gwynn is unhappy because he has heard Show has complained about a lack of support.

The two are at the center of a public display of dissension on the team with the worst record in the major leagues. Responding to teammates' comments portraying him as a complainer, Show threatened to reveal private details about other players.

"I'll open a can of worms," he said. "I've never talked about my fellow players in the press. Yet, these same individuals seize every opportunity to stab me in the back to the media."

Gwynn said he heard Show had made a comment about not receiving any support when he pitches. "His job is to get outs. Our job is to make it easier for him to get outs," Gwynn said. "I don't particularly like people coming in here and saying they're not getting support after they've been taken out of a game. Obviously, we made some mistakes and they cost us. But it doesn't just happen when he's on the mound. Sometimes you've got to tough it out" . . .

Four-time Yankees manager Billy Martin said civil rights leader Jesse Jackson should not be involved in baseball issues, and added, "We don't need him."

Jackson has met with Commissioner Peter Ueberroth, urging club owners to develop an affirmative-action policy in the hiring of blacks and other minorities for nonplaying positions.

"I think Jesse Jackson should stick to religion and politics," Martin said at a book-signing session in Baltimore for his latest work, "Billyball."