A Puerto Rico government official, encouraged by a Supreme Court decision, said yesterday efforts should be made to extradite Indiana basketball coach Bob Knight, who faces six months in jail on a Puerto Rican conviction.

Knight was tried and convicted for assaulting a police officer during the 1979 Pan American Games. However, he left the island before the trial and remains a fugitive in the eyes of the Puerto Rican government.

The impetus for an extradition effort is based on Tuesday's ruling that federal courts have the power to force governors to comply with extradition requests. "I would recommend {Knight's} extradition and I would submit his case immediately," said acting Secretary of Justice Guillermo Mojica. A request to the governor of Indiana for Knight's extradition would have to come from Gov. Rafael Hernandez Colon or Secretary of Justice Hector Rivera Cruz . . .

Nebraska Coach Tom Osborne denies any member of his football coaching staff instigated a federal investigation of former sports agent Mike Trope, as Trope suggested in Sunday editions of The Washington Post.

"I don't know where he's coming from," Osborne said. "A couple of FBI agents did talk to me about agents in general and Mike Trope in particular . . .after I talked to them and some other people talked to them, we didn't hear any more about it. So we don't know what transpired."