BALTIMORE, JUNE 26 -- Top-seeded Rosemary Bellini confessed to being a somewhat unusual champion after winning her fifth U.S. Handball Association title today at the Merritt Athletic Club in Baltimore, beating No. 3 seed Sue Oakleaf, 21-20, 18-21, (11-4).

She said she doesn't practice.

"I have no discipline when it comes to practicing," she said. "I wish I were the type who can go out there and work all the time, but I just think it's boring. I didn't train at all for this. Sure, I played some doubles at my {YMCA}, but when summer comes, I play softball.

"The best part is coming out and seeing everyone and meeting people. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy winning, but it's gravy."

In that case, Bellini has plenty of gravy. She dominated women's play in the early 1980s, winning the national championship in 1980-82 and again in '84. She was hurt in '85 and lost in the finals to Peanut Motal last year.

Oakleaf, who has never beaten Bellini in a regulation, 21-point match, took a 17-7 lead, attacking with a deep serve to Bellini's left hand. But Oakleaf could not continue her serving success.

With the commanding lead, Oakleaf, playing for her first title, began playing defensively; Bellini won 14 of the last 17 points for the game.

In the second game, Bellini used her first-game momentum and sprinted to a 13-3 lead. Then Oakleaf came back to win, 21-18.

But Bellini dominated the 11-point tie breaker.