LONDON -- Jimmy Connors' comeback from the brink on Tuesday night caused problems not only for Mikael Pernfors but for at least one reporter.

With Pernfors leading Connors, 6-1, 6-1, 4-1, Rex Bellamy, the tennis correspondent for the Times of London, left the press box to meet his 6:30 first edition deadline.

Because there was no time to wait for a final score, Bellamy made no mention of the Connors-Pernfors match.

But he did write about the success of the Swedes, noting that four of them had reached the quarterfinals. One of those four was Pernfors.

Picking up on that theme, Bellamy's headline writers produced a headline that said, "Quartet of Swedes in Quarterfinals." By the time that headline hit the streets, Connors had turned the quartet into a trio.

"It was a first-edition story and the inaccuracy only lasted through a few papers," said the newspaper's sports managing editor, Roger Kelly.

"Rex has dined out on the story for the last two days. It was an inaccuracy but not quite as alarming as some people had been led to believe. I guess you could say it was a slip of the Swede."