BALTIMORE, JULY 7 -- It's the top of the fifth inning, two on, and trouble is brewing for Mike Griffin and the Orioles; trouble that Baltimore -- particularly its pitchers -- has had more than its share of lately.

But in Upper Section 7 at Memorial Stadium, the men in white are still heroes.

"Strike 'em out, Griffin!" cries a boy too young to remember when Orioles pitchers did that regularly.

Ball one.

"Strike 'em out, Griffin!"

Strike one. Strike two. Finally, Griffin obliges, striking out Donnie Hill. The White Sox score just one run -- their only one in Baltimore's 4-1 victory Monday night. And the boy cheers.

Because of the team's proximity to Washington -- where many residents are from other areas of the country -- many people who come to Orioles games are not Orioles fans. But when you're going as bad as Baltimore has been recently, you'll take 19,135 any way you can get them. And those who came Monday were in a relatively good mood.

"I'm really here for sightseeing. I don't pay much attention to the game," said Beth McIntyre of Pikesville, Md. "It was fun to get out for a while." She came to help celebrate a former coworker's birthday. This was her first visit to Memorial Stadium in four seasons.

There were others at the ballpark who had definitive advice.

"I think they need to play {Alan} Wiggins every day; leave him in there," said Karl Schultz, 29, of Westminster, Md. "I think they've given {Scott} McGregor and {Mike} Flanagan plenty of chances. Keep {Dave} Schmidt in the starting rotation."

It's the bottom of the sixth, two on, none out for the Orioles. Down the left field line, Margaret Lee, 55, who has been a fan of the team since her arrival in Baltimore nine years ago, sits with a friend.

"Okay, Larry {Sheets}," she shouts. "Let's get something going. That one run ahead is not enough." Unfortunately, Cal Ripken Jr. is thrown out on a double steal attempt and Eddie Murray gets caught between second and third on a sharply hit grounder.

Despite such incidents, Lee keeps coming to Memorial Stadium. "I might be here three times this week," she said. "They're playing terrible, but we're still fans of theirs."

Bob Spangler, 47, has come from Harrisburg, Pa., to see the Orioles. "I'm probably a Yankees fan," he said, "but I'd say after the Yankees I like the Orioles."

Spangler brought his son and his son's two friends to the game. Jason Spangler, 15, thinks the Orioles just have to win "a big game" to get themselves going.

And what's a "big game?"

"I guess any game," he said, "if you're in a slump."