The Maryland-Penn State football game Nov. 7 at Baltimore's Memorial Stadium is sold out, but season tickets for the home games at Byrd Stadium are still available . . .

Indiana Coach Bob Knight told 365 high school basketball players at the Five-Star Camp in Pittsburgh he has no sympathy for Len Bias, the former Maryland star who died of cocaine intoxication.

"In the last 10 years, the two best college basketball players I've seen are Bias and Michael Jordan," he said. "But I don't feel sorry for Len Bias. Len Bias had his own mind and his own body to take care of, and he didn't do it. If some of you are popping pills or smoking dope, those are bad shots you are taking. Len Bias was better than anybody in this room . . . but he's dead. He's not sick, he's not hurt, he's dead . . . "

Lars Nilsen remains eligible to put the shot for SMU but might be barred from the Olympics. He has problems with a Norwegian steroids test, which he plans to appeal . . .

Louisville's basketball coach, Denny Crum, told the Division I Men's Basketball Committee meeting in Hot Springs, Va., that criteria should be set to screen the teams that play in the NCAA postseason tournament and the coaches should help set those criteria. His team didn't make the 64-team field last season.

"There isn't a published criteria that everyone knows going into the season on exactly what's weighted," he said. "We're probably the only sport going with that setup.

"The automatic selection process needs to be reviewed on a yearly basis."

"Basically, what he's advocating is a computer selection process," Dick Schultz of the NCAA said, "and, if we do go to that, we'll have to do some type of survey with the coaches, and they would have to agree on that process. I don't think that would eliminate all the controversy."