OAKLAND, JULY 13 -- The presidents of the National and American leagues said again today they believe the standard 1987 baseball hasn't changed, but that the increase in home runs has persuaded them to order a round of tests.

"We're going to do the same ones we did in 1984 when the last contract was awarded," American League President Bobby Brown said. "We don't believe there's any difference, but we want to see if the data is the same. When we know, we'll let everyone know."

National League President Bart Giamatti said, "I think the balls are exactly the same. Rawlings makes 245,000 balls a year, and I don't believe they'd risk losing that contract by changing the product."

NL starting pitcher Mike Scott on juiced-up balls: "I can't prove anything, but I think it is. I know when I'm pitching and the ball leaves the bat I used to be able to tell what it would do. Now, when I give up a fly ball, I hold my breath."

American League Manager John McNamara apparently wanted to have Reggie Jackson on the roster either as an active player or an honorary captain, but the idea was rejected by Brown.

"Reggie and I sort of broke in together in 1968," McNamara said, "and I thought it would be a neat idea to have him here."

Jackson has been named to the AL all-star team 14 times. His last appearance was in 1984, and he has said he is considering retirement.

"We have an honorary captain {Catfish Hunter}," Brown said, "and we don't want to diminish that. We'd like to save the rest of the spots for the players. I really believe the All-Star Game should be devoted to all-stars. There's no question Reggie will be honored in due time and in a sufficient way. No one is minimizing what he has meant to the American League, and as soon as he's eligible to go into the Hall of Fame, he'll be voted in."

Chicago Cubs pitcher Rick Sutcliffe today was given the Roberto Clemente Award for humanitarian service. Sutcliffe won the award for work in several areas, including donating $100,000 annually to the Sutcliffe Foundation, which helps needy families and disabled and handicapped high school students. He has also begun financing a $3.1 million Christian youth camp.

"This is the highlight of my career," he said. "I never had a chance to meet Roberto Clemente, but I feel I learned his values through Manny Mota {Dodgers coach} . . . When you walk in a hospital and see the smiles of those kids . . . There's nothing like it in the world."

St. Louis Cardinals shortstop Ozzie Smith said he finds all the talk of rabbit balls strange, especially since he is on a pace for 88 RBI and still hasn't homered. "I wish they'd throw me one of those juiced-up balls," he said. "I've hit some balls that I thought I got pretty good, and they didn't go out."

Davey Johnson announced a change in his starting lineup tonight, moving Andre Dawson from left field to center and Eric Davis from center to left . . . He made the move because Dawson has never played left field and because Davis has a sore ankle . . .

Scott enters his first all-star start in a slump, with a 5.61 ERA in his last four starts. He has allowed four or more earned runs in three of his last four starts. Last year, he did that only twice in 34 starts . . . Travel nightmares: The plane bringing Baltimore Orioles Terry Kennedy and Cal Ripken Jr. was twice delayed, and Ripken said, "My head finally hit the pillow at 3 a.m." . . .

Kennedy on the difference between Boston's Wade Boggs (.375) and San Diego's Tony Gwynn (.370), a former teammate: "Every once in a while, Tony would swing at a pitch out of the strike zone and get a hit. Boggs never swings at a pitch out of the strike zone." . . . Boggs on playing in an All-Star Game without George Brett: "I'm like a lost puppy without him being here." . . . On why it is bats that have been livened up and not balls: "In every box, you get two or three super-hard bats. I think it's because the ash from Mount St. Helens has petrified some of the wood."