NEW YORK, JULY 15 -- Brett Butler of the Cleveland Indians and Willie Wilson and Danny Jackson of the Kansas City Royals each were suspended for five games by American League President Bobby Brown today for their roles in two bench-clearing incidents last week.

The suspensions were scheduled to begin Thursday, but Butler and Jackson appealed, automatically delaying the penalties pending a hearing before Brown. The league said it has yet to hear from Wilson.

Wilson was sent sprawling by a pitch from Cleveland's Ken Schrom last Tuesday. He flied out on the next pitch, then charged the mound and tackled Schrom. Both benches emptied and Wilson was ejected from the game.

The next night, the teams' game was delayed for 16 minutes in the bottom of the first inning when Jackson threw his first pitch behind Butler, Cleveland's leadoff hitter, then threw the next one over his head. Butler charged the mound and again both benches emptied.

Jackson and Butler were ejected and the Indians played the game under protest, claiming Kansas City Manager Billy Gardner also should have been thrown out.

"I think it's a severe penalty for a guy charging the mound," Butler said. "It comes out at $21,000 or $22,000, five days' pay for me, for charging the mound.

"They {American League officals} must have gotten together and talked about it. After two pitches thrown at my head, do they want me to stand by and whistle 'Dixie'? The media's been talking about it, and {Bobby} Brown knows about it. I've never started a fight in baseball and I've never started a fight in my life before. I'm here to play baseball, not to fight.

"It's going to be appealed. There's no doubt in my mind. That's not fair."