CHICAGO, JULY 21 -- Mike Griffin was credited with his sixth major league victory Monday night, his second since 1981. But in his many travels, through seven organizations in more than 12 years, he'd never had one like this one.

He started for the Baltimore Orioles Monday, and won despite lasting only four innings into a 4-1 victory over the Chicago White Sox.

He got his second straight victory for the Orioles because of baseball's seldom-needed Rule 10:19, Sec. B, which requires a winning starter to pitch only four innings (instead of five) if a game lasts only five innings (instead of nine).

That was the case Monday as the Orioles had to wait out fifth-inning rain delays of 29 and 48 minutes before getting in five full innings to qualify the game as official. Then after a third delay, this one of 77 minutes, the game was called just before 1 a.m. EDT.

"It was a funny way to lose a game," White Sox Manager Jim Fregosi said.

Griffin seemed almost shocked that he got the victory, telling reporters, "Don't joke about that."

It was the sixth victory in a row for the Orioles, who followed 25 losses in 30 games by tying their longest winning streak of the season. They scored all their runs in the fifth inning and, after that, the only drama was whether they could finish the bottom half of the inning to make the game official.

They got their runs on a bases-loaded walk to Eddie Murray, whose 14-game hitting streak ended, a two-run single by Ken Gerhart and a single by Mike Young.

But in the last of the fifth, Griffin couldn't get anyone out. Orioles Manager Cal Ripken Sr. called for reliever Doug Corbett just as the first rain delay began.

After play resumed, Corbett struck out Gary Redus to put the Orioles within two outs of an official game. Then the umpires stopped play for 48 minutes. When it stopped raining, Corbett got Harold Baines to hit into a double play to make the game official.

"We were trying to get it one out at a time," Ripken said, "then we tricked 'em and got two with one pitch." Then with the Orioles batting in the top of the sixth inning, the umpires halted play a third time. Then, 77 minutes later, the game was called for good.

"Hopefully, I won't have too many more games like this," Griffin said. "Everything was up. I was really struggling. I did throw a decent change-up and get the outs when I needed them."