The great Redskins season ticket legal battle was contested yesterday in Alexandria Circuit Court.

And when the judge's final gavel had sounded, Suzanne Valenzuela, who had filed suit against her son over five season tickets, walked away with a somewhat heavy heart, but with almost every Redskins fan's most treasured commodity.

In a ruling by Alexandria Circuit Court Judge Donald H. Kent yesterday, Todd Valenzuela, 21, was given 10 days to return five Washington Redskins season tickets to his mother.

"I didn't enjoy this a bit, but the Redskins are going all the way and I'm going to be there," Suzanne Valenzuela of Alexandria said after the half-hour trial.

Valenzuela filed suit against her son last month for taking the $765 tickets, which she paid for, from the Redskins ticket office without permission.

Valenzuela, who said she has been a die-hard Redskins fan for 25 years, said she put the five season tickets in her son's name because she had been told season tickets could not be willed to a survivor. "They were never a gift," she testified.

Todd Valenzuela, a student at George Mason University, said he was shocked by the decision because the tickets were in his name. "I guess now whoever shows up at the ticket office with enough money can have season tickets," he said.