NEW YORK, JULY 23 -- Lawrence Taylor, the NFL's most valuable player last season, said the New York Giants, the league and police knew or suspected he was using drugs but "wouldn't do a thing to stop me."

Taylor's revelations of his three-year bout with cocaine are in his forthcoming autobiography, "LT: Living on the Edge," excerpts of which will appear in Sport magazine's September issue.

"From very early on, the Giants knew who on the team was into drugs," said the all-pro linebacker. "They certainly knew I was because they let me know . . . Cops and NFL security people, people I knew, would follow me. This wasn't paranoia, this was surveillance -- and it was a joke. If they wanted to bust me, fine. But I knew they weren't going to do that, not as long as I was who I was and my game was intact."

Taylor said he used cocaine and crack -- a powerful cocaine derivative -- from 1982 to 1985. He voluntarily entered a drug rehabilitation clinic in early 1986 and returned last year for his best season, leading the NFL in sacks as the Giants won their first Super Bowl.

"This office has never had Lawrence Taylor under surveillance," NFL spokesman Joe Browne said today.

Giants General Manager George Young had no comment on Taylor's allegations, saying: "I tend not to read sports books."