I think it's about time the Orioles traded Eddie Murray. It's obvious know-nothing fans in Baltimore and Washington no longer deserve him. Sure, his salary is a little excessive, but that doesn't change the fact that he's one hell of a ballplayer. Only Tony Armas has hit more homers than Murray in the American League the past seven years. Murray has more RBI in the 1980s than any other big leaguer -- even Mike Schmidt. Only the fact that Murray has played in the shadow of Rod Carew, Don Mattingly and even Cal Ripken Jr. has kept him from receiving the credit he truly deserves.

I don't blame Murray for being grouchy and wanting to be traded. Last year, despite suffering injuries and personal tragedy (the death of a sister), Murray received little understanding from the team's owner or its fans. This may come as a shock to some people, but Murray was not the reason the Orioles finished last. That was a team effort. If Murray is traded, it may just win the pennant (for someone else) and make the fans (another team's) happy. And Bal'mer's reputation of being first in crabs and near last in the American League East may be cemented.

Edward J. Cunningham

Silver Spring

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