Middleweight boxing champion Sugar Ray Leonard says his two most immediate goals are starting his own fight management business and helping coach the U.S. Olympic team.

Leonard, in Stateline, Nev., to participate in a celebrity tennis event, said he has teamed with brewing giant Coors Inc., of Golden, Colo., to form a stable of professional fighters. He also said he doesn't plan on returning to the ring as a fighter.

"I don't ever use the word retire when I talk about boxing," Leonard said. "I won't ever be away from the sport. Right now, I'm putting together a professional team with Coors. The team should be in place within the next six months to a year.

"I want to do this {manage boxers} because it gives the guys an alternative to what is already out there. I want to get into the managerial aspects -- developing a guy's career. I'm not going to recruit amateur boxers, but if there are boxers out there who want me to represent them, then I'll accommodate them."

Leonard also said he wants to get involved with the Olympic boxing movement.

"There has been talk about working in some capacity with the Olympic team," the 1976 gold medalist said. "I've talked with Col. Don Hull, who is one of the heads of the Olympic boxing organization. I just feel with my expertise and experience as both an amateur and a professional, I can help the team."