Major league baseball's commitment to stopping drug abuse is a joke, charged Lonnie Smith, one of a dozen players penalized by Commissioner Peter Ueberroth 1 1/2 years ago.

"In order to prove myself, I was supposed to be tested on a regular basis. I didn't care if it was twice a week. But twice in one year? It's a joke," Smith told the Kansas City Times.

Smith said he was supposed to be tested six to eight times a year under the penalty imposed by Ueberroth. He said he has not been tested this year.

"I don't see where he's {Ueberroth's} doing his part. What has he done? He's done nothing except go to the Little League World Series and say, 'Baseball is free of drugs' " . . . "I thought Bowie {Kuhn, former commissioner} was doing a terrible job, but this guy makes him look great" . . .

The New York Yankees offered fans an alcohol-free "Family Section" for their game against the Kansas City Royals last night. The "Family Section," consisting of 1,000 loge-level box seats, will be available at each remaining home game, with the seats at regular box seat prices.