New York Mets first baseman Keith Hernandez and former major league infielder Dale Berra dispute allegations by Kansas City Royals outfielder Lonnie Smith that baseball's crackdown on drugs is "a joke." The three were among seven players discliplined by Commissioner Peter Ueberroth in February 1986 for their involvement with drugs.

To avoid a one-year suspension, each player agreed to donate 10 percent of his 1986 base salary to drug prevention programs, submit to unannounced drug testing and contribute 100 hours of drug-related community service.

"All I can do is speak for myself," said Hernandez. "The commissioner's office has made sure that I'm putting in my {community} service hours. I can't speak for {Smith}, but I'm tested three times a year."

Smith told the Kansas City Times he was to be tested for drugs six to eight times a year but has not been tested in 1987. He also said he owes about half of his $85,000 fine, and that no one from the commissioner's office verified he performed his 100 hours of community service.

Berra, playing for Tucson of the Pacific Coast League, said he has paid his fines and completed his community service. "And I'm being tested as often as they like," he said. "My dues were substantial."