PLEASANTVILLE, N.Y., JULY 31 -- All-pro linebacker Lawrence Taylor, the New York Giants' most valuable and volatile player, gathered the local media for a stern one-minute verbal whipping today, saying, "Guys, I'm not gonna let you destroy me."

The Giants veterans officially reported to training camp this afternoon, sporting their Super Bowl XXI rings for all to see, but Taylor quickly turned the tenor tense. He shooed off media inquiries early, telling a club official, "They've already had their say." Then Taylor notified Ed Croke, Giants public relations director, that he wanted to address the media, without allowing for questions.

Taylor's anger was provoked by Sport magazine, which recently published excerpts of Taylor's new book, "L.T.: Living on the Edge." In the book, Taylor said he used cocaine from 1982 through 1985 and crack in 1985.

However, Taylor was angered that Sport magazine, in excerpting his book, omitted vital portions, making it appear as though the Giants knew Taylor was using drugs, but took no action.

Taylor said today, "I would never put the Giants, my teammates or Bill Parcells in a bad predicament. Now the Giants have done a lot for me -- more than you guys can imagine. Bill Parcells is a guy I love and he's one of my closest friends on the team. I would never put him in a bad position. Never.

"It's a shame that it took me 18 months to write this book and you guys jumped on the negative bandwagon from the very beginning, without giving the book consideration. That, I guess, is more or less the way you do things around here.

"But . . . I'm going be a Giant. I'm going to stay a Giant. I'm a Giant diehard. I'm a Giant fan. I'm a Giant player. When I die probably my last words are going to be 'Go Giants.' So no matter what you guys do, you're not going to win; I'm going to be here. It won't be you guys who decide {if} I'm going to leave or I'm going to stay. It will be the Giants because that's who I play for. Thank you very much."

Later, guard Chris Godfrey said, "Well, it seems like Lawrence is uniting himself with the Giants rather than drifting apart. He doesn't want a rift and I think that's good."

General Manager George Young said, "I think in fairness to the player the press ought to read the book when it comes out. It's not fair to read only the excerpts."