Al Campanis, who in April said blacks lacked the "necessities" for executive jobs in baseball, will help teach the Sports and Society class offered by Harry Edwards at the University of California, the school's student paper said.

Edwards, a black sociologist hired by Baseball Commissioner Peter Ueberroth to help resolve the controversy about racism in baseball ignited by Campanis' remarks, hired the former Los Angeles Dodgers general manager as a "special assistant," the Daily Californian reported.

Campanis and Edwards had no immediate comment on the story although the paper quoted Edwards as saying Campanis has "done more to precipitate change in baseball than anyone in the last 20 years."

Campanis met Edwards in Oakland during the recent all-star break and offered his assistance in helping Edwards in his efforts to increase the number of minorities in executive positions in professional sports . . .

Two members of the Salt Lake Trappers, an unaffiliated team in the Pioneer League, have signed contracts with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Trappers officials reported. Team officials also said they have been contacted by movie producers about securing rights for a possible movie about the team's 29-game streak, a professional baseball record, that ended last week.

The Trappers said first baseman Matt Huff and outfielder Jon Beuder were sold outright to Los Angeles' Vero Beach affiliate and then optioned back to Salt Lake, where they will remain for the rest of the season.