Archery Teams to watch (men and women): United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico.

U.S. men's team: Jay Barrs, Ed Eliason, Darrell Pace, Rick McKinney.

U.S. women's team: Denise Parker, Michelle Borders, Trena King, Luann Ryon.

Data: Competitors shoot four rounds of 36 arrows each -- men from distances of 30, 50, 70 and 90 meters, women from 30, 50, 60 and 70 meters. Targets, size of which vary, depending on distance, are divided into 10 rings with 10-point ring measuring 4.8 inches in diameter on larger target, 3.2 inches on smaller target.

Baseball Teams to watch: Cuba, United States, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico.

U.S. prospects: Pitchers: Jim Abbott, Cris Carpenter, Pat Combs, Longo Garcia, Clyde Keller, Jeff Mutis, Chris Nichting, Gregg Olson, Jim Poole, Joe Slusarski. Catchers: Larry Gonzales, Bert Heffernan, Scott Servais. Infielders: Ty Griffin, Steve Hecht, Scott Livingstone, Tino Martinez, Dave Silvestri, Ed Sprague. Outfielders: Mike Fiore, Don Guillot, Rick Hirtensteiner, Larry Lamphere, Ted Wood.

Data: Cuba, the world's top amateur team, has beaten the United States three times in five games this year.

Basketball Men's teams to watch: United States, Brazil, Mexico.

Women's teams to watch: United States, Cuba, Brazil.

U.S. men's team: Willie Anderson, Ricky Berry, Rex Chapman, Fennis Dembo, Pervis Ellison, Dean Garrett, Jerome Lane, Jeff Lebo, Danny Manning, Jerome Richardson, David Robinson (Woodbridge, Naval Academy), Keith Smart.

U.S. women's team: Cindy Brown, Cynthia Cooper, Clarissa Davis, Anne Donovan, Teresa Edwards, Kamie Ethridge, Jennifer Gillom, Fran Harris, Andrea Lloyd, Katrina McClain, Sue Wicks.

Data: U.S. has won men's gold medal in eight of nine Pan American Games, last three in row. U.S. men have won 59 of 61 total games, including 28 in row. U.S. women have never won less than silver medal, winning gold five times and 50 of 55 total games.

Boxing Who to watch: United States and Cuban teams; Asif Dar, Canada (139 pounds); Egerton Marcus, Canada (165); Lennox Lewis, Canada (plus 201).

U.S. team: Michael Carbajal or Brian Lonon (106 pounds); Arthur Johnson or Jose Arreola (112); Michael Collins or Kevin Kelley (119); Vernon McGriff or Kelcie Banks (125); Anthony Suggs (Alexandria) or Patrick Byrd (132); Nick Kakouris or Todd Foster (139); Kenneth Gould or Derrick Rolon (147); Gerald McClellan or Frank Liles (156); Anthony Hembrick or Darin Allen (165); Joseph Pemberton or Andrew Maynard (Cheverly) (178); Michael Bent or Orbit Pough (201); Charlton Hollis or Riddick Bowe (plus 201).

Data: Cuba, which likely will bring six world amateur champions, won eight gold medals in 1983. Cubans beat U.S. boxers in six of eight finals.

Canoe/Kayak Teams to watch: Cuba, Canada, Mexico, United States.

U.S. men's kayak team: Greg Barton, Norman Bellingham (Rockville), Terry White, Terry Kent, Mike Herbert, Curt Bader, Mike Habold.

U.S. women's kayak team: Traci Phillips, Sheila Conover, Jo Jo Toeppner, Theresa Haught (Brownsville, Md.), Shirley Batlik.

U.S. canoe team: Bruce Merritt (Ridge, Md.), Rod McClain, Greg Steward, Jim Terrell, Kevin Olds.

Cycling Men's teams to watch: Track -- United States, Canada. Road -- United States, Argentina, Cuba, Colombia.

Women's teams to watch: Track, road -- United States, Canada.

U.S. men's track team: David Brinton (individual pursuit, team pursuit); Ken Carpenter (match sprint); Mark Gorski (match sprint); Dave Lettieri (team pursuit); Mike McCarthy (team pursuit); Leonard Harvey Nitz (kilometer, team pursuit); Carl Sundquist, Ron Storer (team pursuit).

U.S. women's track team: Renee Duprel (match sprint); Rebecca Twigg-Whitehead (individual pursuit); Connie Paraskevin-Young (match sprint).

U.S. men's road long, short teams: Andy Bishop, Kent Bostick, David Farmer, Todd Gogulski, Steve Hegg, Nate Reiss.

U.S. women's road long, short teams: Inga Benedict, Susan Ehlers, Jane Marshall, Janelle Parks, Katrin Tobin, Sally Zack.

U.S. road long time trial team: Norm Alvis, Kent Bostick, Steve Hegg, Andy Paulin, John Frey, Tony Palmer.

Diving Men's team to watch: United States.

Women's team to watch: United States, Canada.

U.S. men's prospects: Greg Louganis, Doug Shaffer, Kent Ferguson, Ron Meyer, Bruce Kimball.

U.S. women's prospects: Kim Fugett, Kelly McCormick, Michele Mitchell, Megan Neyer, Karen LaFace, Wendy Lian, Mary Fischbach.

Note: Teams will be officially determined at U.S. Outdoor Diving Championships this weekend.

Equestrian Who to watch: Show jumping -- Ian Millar, Mario Deslauriers (Canada); Katharine Burdsall, Rodney Jenkins, Lisa Jacquin (United States); Marcello Blessman (Brazil). Three-day events -- Mike Huber (United States). Dressage -- Ellin Dixon (United States).

Other U.S. competitors: Show jumping -- Greg Best. Three-day events -- Nanci Lindrogh, Emily MacGowan, Packy McGaughan (Clarksburg, Md.), Gayle Molander. Dressage -- Ann Guptill, Carol Lavelle, Nancy Polozker.

Fencing Men to watch: G. Betancourt, Jean Marc Chouinard (Canada) and W. Loyola (Cuba), epee.

Women to watch: Madeleine Philion (Canada), foil.

U.S. men's team: Foil -- Jeffery Bukantz, Peter Lewison, David Littell, Michael Marx, Gregory Massialas. Sabre -- Robert Cottingham, Paul Friedberg, Michael Lofton, Steve Mormando, Peter Wespbrook. Epee -- Robert Marx, George Masin, Lee Schelley, Robert Stull, Steve Trevor.

U.S. women's team: Foil -- Caitlin Bilodeau, Elaine Cheris, Sharon Monplaisir, Mary Jane O'Neill, Molly Sullivan. Epee -- Vincent Bradford, Donna Stone.

Field Hockey Teams to watch (men and women): Canada, Argentina, United States.

U.S. men's team: Mohammed Barakat, Rawle Cox, Bill Davidson, Tommy Hoang, Manzar Iqbal, Robert Issar, Mike Lee, David McMichael, Gary Newton, Jon O'Haire, Alvin Pagan, Brian Spencer, John Spencer, Andrew Stone, Jochen Wentzel, David Wisner.

U.S. women's team: Beth Beglin, Diane Bracalente, Sandi Costigan, Megan Donnelly, Tracey Fuchs, Yogi Hightower, Sheryl Johnson, Mary Koboldt, Donna Lee, Barbara Marois, Christy Morgan, Marcia Pankratz, Marcy Place-Von Schottenstein, Patty Shea, Sheryl Van Kuren, Sandy Vander-Heyden.

Data: This is first year of women's field hockey in Pan Am games. U.S. women, who won bronze medal at 1984 Olympics, are in preliminary group with Argentina, Barbados, Bermuda. U.S. men, whose only Pan Am medal was bronze in 1967, are in preliminary group with defending gold-medalist Canada, Jamaica, Bermuda, Mexico.

Gymnastics Men's teams to watch: United States, Cuba.

Women's teams to watch: United States, Canada, Cuba.

U.S. men's prospects: Tim Daggett. Scott Johnson, Charles Lakes, Kevin Davis, Mike Rice, Tom Schlesinger, Curtis Holdsworth, Rob Brown, Jon Omori, Billy Paul, Brian Ginsberg.

U.S. women's prospects: Kristie Phillips, Melissa Marlowe, Sabrina Mar, Hope Spivey (Suffolk, Va.), Kelly Garrison, Rhonda Faehn, Stacey Gunthorpe, Jennifer Fey, Kim Masters, Lisa Panzironi, Phoebe Mills.

Rhythmic team to watch: United States.

U.S. rhythmic team: Marina Kunyavsky, Diane Simpson, Irina Rubinschtein.

Data: Men compete in all-around and individual competitions in floor exercise, rings, vault, pommel horse, high bar, parallel bars. Women compete in all-around and individual competitions in floor exercise, balance beam, vault, uneven parallel bars. Rhythmic contestants compete in ribbon, hoop, rope, club.

Team Handball Teams to watch (men and women): Cuba, United States.

U.S. men's team: William Kessler, Rod Oshita, Marc Stanton, Jim Buehning, Bob Djokovich, Scott Driggers, Steve Goss, Boyd Janny, Peter Lash (Charlottesville), Joe McVein, Greg Morava, Rick Oleksyk, Tom Schneeberger, Joe Story, Mike Sullivan.

U.S. women's team: Kathy Callaghan, Laura Coenen, Angie Raynor, Kim Clarke, Sandra De La Riva, Meg Gallagher, Amy Gamble, Leora Jones, Portia Lack, Maureen Latterner, Danny Leininger, Karyn Palgut, Carol Peterka, Cindy Stringer, Sherry Winn.

Data: Game is combination of basketball and soccer. Goals are scored by throwing ball past goalkeeper into net three meters wide and two meters high.

Judo Teams to watch (men and women): Brazil, Cuba, United States.

U.S. men's team: Kevin Asano (132 pounds); James Martin (143); Mike Swain (156); Jason Morris (172); Joseph Wanag (189); Leo White (209); Douglas Nelson (plus 209); Damon Keeve (open).

U.S. women's team: Darlene Anaya (106); Jo Quiring (114); Eve Trivella (123); Lynn Roethke (134); Christine Penick (145); Toni Barnes (158); Margaret Castro Gomez (plus 158 and open).

Data: Match is won by first competitor to hold opponent immobile on his or her back for 30 seconds.

Modern Pentathlon Who to watch: Alejandro Yricar, Marcelo Hoyo (Mexico); Rob Stull, Harvey Cain (United States).

Other teams: Chile, Canada, Uruguay, Guatemala.

Data: Mexico finished first and the United States second in the Mexico City Invitational in March.

Roller Skating Teams to watch: Men's and women's artistic events -- United States, Canada. Men's and women's speed events -- Argentina, United States. Roller hockey -- Argentina, Brazil, Chile, United States.

U.S. men's artistic team: Kevin Carroll, Skip Clinton (figures); Scott Cohen, Gregg Smith (singles).

U.S. women's artistic team: Debbie Erdmann, Renee Gerig (figures); Patti Jefferson, Tammy Jerue (singles).

U.S. pairs team: Ken Benson-Robyn Young and Dion Gentile-Cindy South.

U.S. dance team: Rob Ferendo-Lori Walsh and Allen Desterhaft-Julie Hider.

U.S. men's speed team: Dante Muse, Tony Muse, Doug Glass, Mike Mueller.

U.S. women's speed team: Beth Tucker, Darlene Kessinger, Lori Feger, Deanna Parker.

U.S. roller hockey team: Ives Bernstein, Dickie Chado, Dave DeSoto, Robert Favinger, Gene Ferguson, Pat Ferguson, Plim Howard, Keith Huckaby, David Jones, Frankie Lee.

Rowing Teams to watch: United States, Canada, Cuba, Mexico.

U.S. men's heavyweight eight team: John Strotbeck, Ed Ives, Chris Huntington, Kurt Bausback, Bob Meyn, Henry Mattiessen, John Kessick, Steve Shellans.

U.S. men's lightweight four team: Dan McGill, Russ Lane, Don Tower, Eric Rosow.

U.S. men's lightweight two team: Bill Bater, Brendan Agajan.

U.S. men's heavyweight single team: Dan Brisson

U.S. women's lightweight single team: Merri Lisa Trigilio.

U.S. women's lightweight doubles team: Reggy Johnston, Susan Cooper.

U.S. women's lightweight double without coxswain team: Julia Williams, Alison Shaw.

Note: Remaining U.S. teams to be announced.

Shooting Men to watch: Rifle -- Dan Durben, Bob Foth, Todd Bensley (United States); Jean Francois (Canada). Shotgun -- Matt Dryke, Dan Carlisle, Al Germullins (United States). Pistol -- Eric Buljung, John McNalley, Dan Nygord (United States).

Women to watch: Rifle -- Launi Meili, Deena Wigger (United States); Sharon Bowes (Canada). Pistol -- Ruby Fox (United States), Linda Thom (Canada).

Other U.S. men: Rifle -- Mike English, Randy Stewart, Brad Carnes, Glen Dubis, Web Wright III. Pistol -- Rojelio Arredondo, George Ross, Darius Young, Greg Appleton, James Dorsey. Shotgun -- Ken Blasi, George Hass, Tom Krcmar.

Other U.S. women: Rifle -- Mary Godlove, Jan Schuler. Pistol -- Betty Blocksome, Joan Gladwell, Connie Petracek.

Soccer Teams to watch: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, United States.

U.S. team: Stephen Fuchs, David Vanole, Jimmy Banks, Kevin Crow, John Doyle, Paul Krumpe, Steve Trittschuh, Mike Windischmann, Jim Gabarra, John Harkes (University of Virginia), Tom Kain, Bruce Murray (Germantown), John Stollmeyer (Annandale), Amr Aly, Chico Borja, Ted Hantak, Frank Klopas, Mickey Kydes.

Data: Argentina and Brazil have dominated, winning eight gold medals in the nine Pan Am Games. U.S. has won just one medal, a bronze in 1959.

Softball Men's teams to watch: Canada, United States, Puerto Rico, Panama.

Women's teams to watch: Canada, United States, Panama, Belize, Puerto Rico.

U.S. men's prospects: Pitchers -- Vaughn Alvey, Michael Combs, Steve Padilla, Pete Sandman. Catchers -- Brad Burrup, Michael Singer. Infielders -- Jeff Borror, Phil Honeycutt, Richard Minton, Daniel Muniz, Alex Villa, Tom Zappone. Outfielders -- Dale Clark, Jim Clark, Hank Fulkerson, Steven Newell, Peter Spoerd, Ron Wood.

U.S. women's prospects: Pitchers -- Michele Granger, Rhonda Wheatley, Ella Vilche. Catchers -- Suzy Brazney, Donna McElrea. Infielders -- Annette Ausseresses, Sheila Cornell, Joann Ferrieri, Elizabeth O'Connor, Dottie Richardson, Allison Stowell, Catherine Stedman. Outfielders -- Lisa Baker, Josie Carter, Kathy Escarcega, Suzanne Gaw, Vicki Morrow.

Data: Canada won both gold medals at the 1983 Pan Am Games, and the United States finished second in both.

Swimming Men to watch: 100-meter freestyle: Albert Mastre, Venezuela

200 freestyle: Luis Morrell, Puerto Rico

400 freestyle: Luis Morrell, Puerto Rico

1,500 freestyle:

100 backstroke:

200 backstroke: Ricardo Prado, Brazil

100 breaststroke:

200 breaststroke:

100 butterfly: Anthony Nesty, Surinam

200 butterfly: Ricardo Prado, Brazil

200 individual medley: Ricardo Prado, Brazil

400 individual medley: Ricardo Prado, Brazil

400 medley relay:

400 freestyle relay:

800 freestyle relay:

Women to watch: 100-meter freestyle:

200 freestyle:

400 freestyle:

800 freestyle:

100 backstroke:

200 backstroke:

100 breaststroke:

200 breaststroke:

100 butterfly:

200 butterfly:

200 individual medley:

400 individual medley:

400 medley relay:

400 freestyle relay:

Synchronized Swimming Teams to watch: Canada, United States, Mexico.

U.S. team: Kristen Babb, Lori Hatch, Karen Josephson, Sarah Josephson, Tracy Long, Karen Madsen, Susan Reed, Lisa Riddell, Tracie Ruiz, Michelle Svitenko.

Data: All 10 swimmers on each team swim figures without music. Freestyle programs, to music, last 3 1/2 minutes in solo event, four minutes in duet, five minutes in team.

Table Tennis Men to watch: Sean O'Neill (McLean); Alain Bourbonnais, Joe Gideon Ng, Horatio Pintea (Canada); Mario Alvarez, Juan Vila (Dominican Republic); Claudio Cano (Brazil), Steve Hylton (Jamaica).

Women to watch: Insook Bhushan, Diana Gee, Lisa Gee (United States); Marion Domonkos (Canada); Patricia Cabrera (Equador).

Other U.S. competitors: Men -- Scott Butler, Jimmy Butler, Quang Bui, Khoa Nguyen. Women -- Takako Trenholme.

Data: Table tennis will make Olympic debut in 1988.

Taekwondo Who to Watch: Herbert Perez (182.6), Jimmy Kim (over 182.6) (United States).

Other U.S. competitors: Dae Sung Lee (under 110), Paul Le (118.8), Doug Lewis (127.6, Silver Spring), Chris Spence (140.8), Steve Capener (154), Jay Warwick (167.2).

Data: Taekwondo will be a demonstration sport in 1988 Olympics. Perez and Kim won gold medals at the Tae Kwon Do World Cup last May in Helsinki.

Tennis Teams to watch (men and women): United States, Argentina, Mexico.

U.S. men's team: Luke Jensen, Patrick McEnroe, Al Parker.

U.S. women's team: Sonia Hahn, Jane Holdren, Ronni Reis.

Data: Matches will be best of three sets. In singles, round-robin qualifier will precede 32-player, single-elimination tournament.

Track and Field Men's teams to watch: United States, Brazil, Cuba (field events), Jamaica (sprints).

Women's teams to watch: United States, Cuba.

U.S. men's team: 100 meters -- Mark Witherspoon, Lee McRae; 200 -- Wallace Spearmon, Floyd Heard; 400 -- Raymond Pierre, Roddie Haley; 800 -- Johnny Gray, Stanley Redwine; 1,500 -- Jim Spivey, Steve Scott; 5,000 meters -- Doug Padilla, Terry Brahm; 10,000 -- Pat Porter, Bruce Bickford; marathon -- Ric Sayre, Steve Benson; 3,000-meter steeplechase -- Henry Marsh, Brain Abshire.

110-meter high hurdles -- Greg Foster, Cletus Clark; 400 intermediate hurdles -- David Patrick, Kevin Young; 4x100-meter relay -- Mark Witherspoon, Lee McRae, Carl Lewis, Harvey Glance, Lee McNeill, Dennis Mitchell; 4x400 relay -- Roddie Haley, Danny Everett, Raymond Pierre, Michael Franks, Mark Rowe, Kevin Robinzine; 20-kilometer walk -- Tim Lewis, Carl Schueler; 50-kilometer walk -- Dan O'Connor, Randy Mimm.

High jump -- Jerome Carter, Lee Balkin; pole vault -- Scott Davis, Mike Tully; long jump -- Carl Lewis, Larry Myricks; triple jump -- Mike Conley, Willie Banks; shot put -- Gregg Tafralis, Garry Frank; discus -- Randy Heisler, Art Burns; hammer -- Jud Logan, Bill Green; javelin -- Duncan Atwood, Mark Babich; decathlon: Jim Connolly, Keith Robinson.

U.S. women's team: 100 meters -- Diane Williams, Gwen Torrance; 200 -- Florence Griffith, Randy Givens; 400 -- Diane Dixon, Denean Howard; 800 -- Essie Washington, Delissa Walton-Floyd; 1,500 -- Linda Sheskey, Diana Richburg; 3,000 -- Mary Knisely, Leslie Seymour; 10,000 -- Patty Murray, Marty Cooksey; marathon -- Debbie Warner, Kathy Molitor.

100-meter hurdles -- LaVonna Martin, Stephanie Hightower-Leftwich; 400 hurdles -- Judi Brown-King, LaTanya Sheffield; 4x100-meter relay -- Gwen Torrance, Jennifer Inniss, Michelle Finn, Sheila Echols, Gail Devers, Jackie Washington; 4x400 relay -- Diane Dixon, Deneen Howard, Valerie Brisco, Sonja Fridy (University of Virginia), Denise Mitchell, Rochelle Stevens; 10-kilometer walk -- Maryanne Torrellas, Lynn Weik.

High jump -- Coleen Sommer, Phyllis Bluntson; long jump -- Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Jennifer Inniss; shot put -- Ramona Pagel, Pam Dukes; discus -- Connie Price, Kelly Landry; javelin -- Lynda Sutfin, Cathie Wilson; heptathlon -- Cindy Greiner, Jolanda Jones.

Data: U.S. teams chosen on basis of performance at TAC Championships, held earlier this summer in San Jose. However, many athletes who qualified for U.S. and other nations' Pan Am teams have chosen to skip the Games in order to prepare for World Championships Aug. 19-Sept. 6 in Rome.

Volleyball Men's teams to watch: United States, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil.

Women's teams to watch: Cuba, Peru, United States, Brazil.

U.S. men's prospects: Dave Saunders, Jon Root, Bob Ctvrtlik, Doug Partie, Steve Timmons, Craig Buck, Ricci Luyties, Jeff Stork, Eric Sato, Jeff Wells, Mark Miller, Karch Kiraly.

U.S. women's prospects: Melissa McLinden, Angela Rock, Liz Masakayan, Kim Oden, Bev Robinson, Kim Ruddins, Caren Kemner, Tammy Webb, Deitre Collins, Laurel Kessel, Cathy Noth, Keba Phipps, Sherri Danielson, Elaina Oden, Jayne McHugh.

Data: The U.S. men's team is ranked No. 1 in the world, but both the men and the women finished second to Cuba in the NORCECA Zone Championships at Havana in June.

Water Polo Teams to watch: United States, Cuba, Puerto Rico.

U.S. team: James Bergeson, Greg Boyer, Doug Burke, Jeff Campbell, Jody Campbell, Peter Campbell, Shaun Cleary, Mike Evans, Michael Grier, Alan Mouchawar, Mark Maizel, Kevin Robertson, Terry Schroeder, Craig Wilson.

Data: United States is 4-0 against Cuba this year, including an 8-7 victory in the World Cup in May. United States finished fourth in the World Cup, behind West Germany, Soviet Union, and Yugoslavia. Cuba was seventh.

Weightlifting Teams to watch: Cuba, United States, Canada, Venezuela, Colombia.

U.S. team: Cal Schake (148 pounds); Roberto Urrutia and Gary Savage (165); Derrick Crass (181); Tommy Calandro and Dave Langon (198); Ken Clark (220); Rich Schutz (242); Mario Martinez and John Bergman (plus 242).

Data: Medalists determined by total combined weight lifted in snatch (lifting of bar directly from floor to overhead and holding it for two seconds) and clean and jerk (lifting of bar from floor to shoulders and then raising it overhead). Contestants are allowed three attempts at each type of lift.

Wrestling Who to Watch: Freestyle -- John Smith (136 1/2 pounds), Dave Schultz (163), Mark Schultz (180 1/2), Bruce Baumgartner (286) (United States); Raul Cascaret (163) (Canada).

Other U.S. competitors: Freestyle -- Tim Vannii (105 1/2), Greg Robbins (114 1/2), Ken Chertow (125 1/2), Andre Metzger (149 1/2), Jim Scherr (198), Bill Scherr (220). Greco-Roman -- Eric Wetzel (105 1/2), Shawn Sheldon (114 1/2), Anthony Amado (125 1/2), Dalen Wasmund (136 1/2), Jim Martinez (149 1/2), David Butler (163), Chris Catalfo (180 1/2), Derrick Waldroup (198), Dennis Koslowski (220), Duane Koslowski (286).

Yachting Men to watch: Soling -- Hans Hogh, Steve Calder, Mark Lammens (Canada); John Kostecki, Will Baylis, Bob Billingham (United States); Torben Grael, Daniel Adler, Ronaldo Senfit (Brazil). Star -- Vince Brun, Hugo Schreiner (United States); Gastao Brun, Carlos McCourtney (Brazil); Ross Macdonald, Bruce Macdonald (Canada). Laser -- Hank Lammens (Canada). Division two sailboard -- Mike Gebhardt (United States).

Women to watch: Division two sailboard -- Kathy Steele (United States); Carol-Ann Alie (Canada).

Other U.S. competitors: Laser -- Chris Larson. Snipe -- David Chapin, Robert Lindley. Lightning three-man -- Matt Fisher, John Irvine, Wayne Pignolet.