MILWAUKEE, AUG. 4 -- Baltimore Orioles Manager Cal Ripken Sr. and second baseman Alan Wiggins exchanged heated words over an extra round of batting practice this afternoon, and when it was over, each criticized the other.

"There's no satisfying him," Ripken said. "If others can come and set up batting practice, why does he think he doesn't have to? It's always something with him."

Wiggins responded, "I get yelled at for something every day. I don't think I'm wanted by the Baltimore Orioles anymore. All I wanted was to take hitting, and Rip got mad at me."

Ripken traced the argument to Monday when he was sitting in the coffee shop at a hotel here. "Ron Washington and Cal {Ripken} Jr. came up and asked if we could set up early batting practice," Ripken Sr. said. "We did. Then when we got out here today, Wiggins wanted to take hitting. {Coach} Terry Crowley told him he should set it up with us the day before so we can have someone to throw to them."

Then, as Ripken was walking off the field, he told Wiggins, "If Ron Washington and Cal Jr. can look us up and set up extra batting practice, you can, too."

They argued briefly, and Ripken apparently thought the matter was dead until he discovered Wiggins told the media about the argument.

"I'm getting dumped on all the time around here," Wiggins said.

Ripken responded sarcastically, "Well, I'm just glad he wanted to make a big deal out of it."

The argument only deepens the split between Wiggins and the Orioles. He has started only one of the last five games and is hitting .154 since June 22, his average having fallen from .270 to .234.

Two weeks ago, the club's baseball staff favored releasing him and making Rochester's Pete Stanicek the team's new leadoff man/designated hitter. The move was blocked by owner Edward Bennett Williams, who didn't want to pay off the remaining $1.15 million on Wiggins' contract.