CARLISLE, PA., AUG. 7 -- Dave Butz, the Redskins' veteran defensive tackle, said today he is holding out mainly because the team is not offering him enough in incentive bonuses.

"I've never agreed to their salary {offer}," he said by phone from his home in Belleville, Ill., "but the thing I've spent time with is getting back incentives. The negotiations started a week before camp started and they took away from my incentives of last year."

Butz, 37, the oldest non-quarterback in the NFL, apparently wants a two-year contract worth approximately $525,000 this year and $650,000 in 1988. The Redskins apparently offered about $450,000 and $500,000, respectively.

Asked about a timetable for when he might reach an agreement and arrive in camp, Butz said, "Players never have timetables. It's strictly up to management."

Butz said he has been in contact with management, but General Manager Bobby Beathard said today that there was nothing new concerning Butz or fellow holdout Keith Griffin.

Asked if there was a possibility of a trade involving Butz, "Usually when someone holds out, people call from around the league. No one has called."

Butz also responded to comments first made Thursday night by defensive end Charles Mann concerning Butz's lack of overt emotion on the field. The five players currently working as the first group of defensive linemen are all relatively young, energetic and prone to giving high-fives at a moment's notice.

Today, Mann declined to discuss the issue with a Washington Post reporter, but, when he was asked, he told the Associated Press: "Everyone has their own reasons for being out here, but I don't know what Dave's are. I don't know what motivates Dave.

"He gets the job done, but not with a lot of emotion," Mann said.

Asked how the line's present enthusiasm would change when or if Butz returns, Mann said: "I don't think he's going to go out and change the whole defensive line. But yet if one piston is misfiring, or not as motivated or not pumped up, it's definitely going to cause some uneasiness."

Butz said that he had heard the tape from Mann's television interview.

On supposedly not being emotional, Butz said: "They {teammates} don't know how excited I get. They shouldn't worry about me.

"I guess Charles said they have players who are quicker, faster and able to do more things. Just because I'm not out there outwardly smiling doesn't mean I am not emotional inside."

As for any motivation derived from outwardly expressed emotions, he said: "They shouldn't rely on any one person. They should rely on the entire team, but first of all they should rely on themselves to get themselves up. When you get down on the line of scrimmage, it's you versus the guy in front of you. If you're waiting for a coach to hit you on the rear to get you up, you can't play football that way. You should be inwardly prepared come hell or high water."

Butz said his wife Candy reminded him of something he had said to her about Mann after last season:

"Candy said to me, 'You're the one who said, as we were going down the highway, "How are we going to help Charles Mann make the Pro Bowl?' "