CARLISLE, PA., AUG. 7 -- The Redskins are trying several players as holders for field goals and extra points.

Quarterback Jay Schroeder did the job all of last year and is still No. 1, but Coach Joe Gibbs wants to see who else can do it. Wide receiver/kick returner Eric Yarber, backup quarterback Mark Rypien and rookie safety Steve Gage are among those who have given it a shot.

"Jay is obviously polished at it," Gibbs said. "We just wanted to look at some other guys to see if they could do it and see how confident the kickers are with them."

Assuming he can do the job, the main reason for not using the starting quarterback is that there is some risk of injury.

"I'm still listed as the holder on the depth chart, and next week I will do more," Schroeder said. "Chuck {Banker, the special teams coach} said not to worry about it this week because they wanted to look at some other people."

Asked if he really wants the job, Schroeder said: "It doesn't make much difference to me. If I'm the best one to do it, fine. If it's somebody else, fine. The point is to make them and win the game."

There are few things more embarrassing to a quarterback than a fumbled snap. With Russ Grimm moving from guard to center this week, the quarterbacks are still adjusting. This morning, Schroeder and Doug Williams each fumbled a couple of snaps.

"Russ puts them up very, very hard," Schroeder said. "He needs to put them up quickly but not so hard. He's a big old boy and he snaps them pretty good."

Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke -- worth about $600 million, according to Forbes Magazine -- probably would have liked the spirit of two young boys near the Redskins' training facility at Dickinson College. They set up an iced tea stand just outside the fence, hoping to satisfy the thirst of the many fans. The going rate was 15 cents per cup.

"The guy who did this before made $62 in one day," said one boy.

But before selling drinks, they collected autographs from players.